Integrated Business Intelligence Solutions
Add-on program for the MedInformatix EMR. It takes advantage of collected patient data and physician practice patterns to increase the quality and efficiency of care.
Bi-directional HL7 Laboratory Interface
Provides fully automatic bi-directional electronic data exchange between medical practices and laboratories with requisition form generation.


March 01, 2013
Having evaluated numerous EMR products and platforms over the years, I was consistently promised by almost every EMR company I looked at that I would save time, get home quicker and reduce my overhead compared to working on a paper chart. Having been an EMR user since 2001, despite my efficiency as a typist (I can type 100 wpm) and my proclivity towards computers and technology, I was never able to personally realize any of the above promises. The only thing my EMR did for me was create a neat looking document that I could conveniently reference from home. With every 15-30 minute patient encounter I am allotted, I found myself spending at least half of each encounter entering data, struggling to find test results and fumbling with orders rather than directly interacting with my patients. On top of that, I found myself often staying in the office late to finish my electronic charting. Having shared my frustration with numerous colleagues across the country, I found that I was not alone with regards to dissatisfaction with my EMR and eventually resigned myself to the idea that EMRs could only do so much.
That opinion changed when I was introduced to EMA in January of 2012. After viewing a demo and a brief chat with EMA’s creator, Boris Katz, I found, for the first time, a product that had the potential of legitimately fulfilling everything my EMR company had promised me years ago. I can honestly say today that compared to working on a paper chart (or anything else I have tried), I am now able to save time and get home earlier while improving the quality of my face time encounters with my patients. This applies to both patients with simple as well as challenging diagnoses. Equally important, especially during these challenging times of dropping reimbursement, our single specialty practice of 5 gastroenterologists has been able to reduce our medical assistant staff by a full FTE (a savings of about $50,000 per year) which we attribute almost exclusively to EMA. The exciting prospect for us moving forward is that as Boris continues to refine EMA for our practice, we expect our efficiency to grow further!

Roy L. Foliente, M.D., AGAF
Sierra Nevada Gastroenterology Medical Associates, Inc.
300 Sierra College Dr, Ste 105 Grass Valley, CA 95945

October 15, 2012
EMA by IBIS delivers a new level of customization and automation, making it possible to provide the best user experience across a wide range of user types and work flows. As an IT Administrator, I am able to say "Yes, I can do that" to many more user requests.

Brian Leonardi
IT Administrator

Using EMA, in conjunction with MedInformatix EMR, saves me time every day. We are able to minimize the number of "clicks-per-visit" helping me to get more done in less time. I could never go back to MedInformatix alone!

Warren Ross, MD
Internal Medicine

September 25, 2011
Using EMA has enabled me to automate vital diagnosis specific quality parameters to facilitate compliance and proactive management of patient care needs. With this streamlined data summary and ordering processes, documentation is more complete, accurate, and efficient. I am able to focus on the patient's acute care needs while easily tracking health maintenance and chronic care needs. Because of EMA we are not only compliant with current "Meaningful Use" requirements but we have a solid foundation for the future mandates already in place. Boris is an expert at helping clinicians determine how to best customize EMA to meet individual preferences and patient specific needs. He is incredibly thorough and rapidly addresses any challenges or requests related to the programming. Customer service is top notch! Because of EMA, our patient care processes are personalized, quality initiative driven and thorough. Our database is set to report PQRI automatically as we complete the EMA supported prompts, macros, or customized order sets. I highly recommend this program as it has transformed the abilities of our EMR to meet our specific needs to optimize and streamline patient care processes.

Lora Fathauer, MSN, NP-C
Southeastern Indiana Gastroenterology

October 6, 2011
I highly recommend Boris and his computer solutions. Boris created a HL7 interface for our labs and added EMA to our existing EMR to manage labs, orders and diagnoses. We use EMA in order to follow complex patients' conditions expediently and are very happy with our choice. With Boris' expertise we built-out a system to follow Hepatitis C patients before, during and after treatment. Treatment now requires 3 high risk drugs and EMA allows us to do hands on monitoring of multiple patients without missing a beat. EMA has far exceeded our expectations and allowed us to be light years ahead in our ability to fulfill "meaningful use".

Through EMA's smooth interface we added smart macros to simplify complex tasks. EMA monitors what tests I normally order for a given ICD 9 code and has simplified ordering tests and monitoring results. We thought we had a great EMR but EMA further increased my speed of seeing patients. EMA integrates well with our SQL database, documents our meaningful use measures automatically and was a wise choice for us.

The best part of EMA is Boris Katz with his energy and expertise to set up and adapt our system precisely to meet our needs and wants. Boris is committed to excellence and it has been a pleasure to work with him to implement our system.

Dr. Steven Pletcher

I have worked closely with Boris Katz for 8 years. I met him when he was a partner in a MedInformatix dealership and have worked with him more recently as the owner of Integrated Business Intelligence Solutions (IBIS). Boris has extensive knowledge of electronic medical record systems including bidirectional lab interfaces. He also has exceptional SQL and programming skills. He has significantly leveraged patient data and programming allowing me to improve both the quality and efficiency of the care provided to my patients. Boris is absolutely reliable, always following through on his commitments. It is a pleasure working with someone who over time has demonstrated passion to achieve the highest quality product possible and impeccable integrity.

Roy McClintock, M.D., FACOG
Tyler, Texas

My experience with IBIS has been a very positive one. Boris quickly answers my emails and addresses my issues within a short time. If my issue is urgent he stops what he is working on and fixes my problem so my office can continue to work. I have experiences with other software vendors and IBIS goes above and beyond for my practice.

Natalie Leibensperger, DO

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